South America, Patagonian Andes

South America, Patagonian Andes

Beginning: January 2016
End: March 2016
Place: South America, Patagonian Andes – Cerro Torre massif, Fitz Roy Massif and Torres Del Paine
Team: Five elite Bulgarian climbers
Finance: Personal and sponsorship

Cerro Torre

The first ascent of Cerro Tore was in 1974 by an Italian climbing team, after two months of work, putting up a route called Ragni. There is only one other independent line to access the very summit – the infamous Compressor route, a via ferrata of sorts with more than 300 bolts in place. More than 95 % of the ascents have been done via the Compressor route because it offers easy access by using the bolts, but the Ragni route is the more aesthetic and natural line that offers the possibility for free climbing in the best alpine style. Up to date the summit has seen less than 30 ascents via the Ragni route which is a measure for the technical difficulty of the line and the overall difficulty of Cerro Torre. As a comparison up to 2010 Everest has seen more than 5000 ascents.We have chosen the Ragni route for our attempt on one of the most difficult peaks in the world, which will also be the first Bulgarian ascent of Cerro Torre.

Torres del Paine

The Torres del Paine are some of the most outrageous and wildest rock climbs in the world. Located about 160 kilometers south of the Fitz Roy / Cerro Torre group. Situated east of the Southern Patagonia Icecap, this area also receives some of the worst weather in the world. The locals like to say that Patagonia was one place you could experience all four seasons in the same day, and the local joke was – ” if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute ” – it can change that fast!Our main goal here is to make the first Bulgarian ascent of one of the Towers, which offers more than 1000 meters of hard technical climbing. If possible we will try to put up a new line, which will be a major achievement in the climbing world.

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